"Once Upon a Time in an Orchard"

The Conium Review, vol. 5

"Tiny Little Goat"

The Conium Review, vol. 5


Flash in the Attic, vol. 2


Fairy Tale Review #12: The Ochre Issue

"The Weight of the Moon"

Winner of the 2014 NANO Prize, NANO Fiction, vol. 8 no. 2

"At the Lung"

Sycamore Review, issue 26.2

"How to Commit Suicide"

[PANK], March 2013

"The Culling"

Winner of the 2012 Ploushshares Emerging Writers Contest, Ploughshares Issue 119

“The Black, Ulcerated Bowel of America”

Construction, November 2011


Artvoice, July 2007